Aven Studios

(10.16.18) I am forever working on this place.

As you may have noticed: the .com is back! After many, many years, and waiting for a domain squatter to give up, get lost, and stop trying to make me pay way too much for this domain, I have it back in my name.

I have been working on updating what I can, using only WordPad. Beware of issues.

Check in again soon, or give a like to my artsy FB page for more information! In the mean time, please use this list for information of where to find me! I have also added some social media links to the side bar and below. There is a link to my PayPal tipjar below as well if you feel like a tip would help me creatively. Donations will go to replacing my poor potato PC, and maybe throwing money at a friend to help me make this not so awful looking.