:: Past Secrets

I'm slowly posting chapter of the rewritten novel as a preview of things to come. One that that will be noticed is that, after chapter 2, the chapter breaks are in "weird" spots. I just decided to make new files every few months (April and November) instead of trying to figure out chapter breaks. In the future, these breaks will be changed.

This is presented as is with little to no editing. There will be some weirdness in dates/ages as I post more. This will be edited in the future. Beware typos/etc. Previews are previews and not perfect.

Content Warning! (This is the old one, but it's probably going to hold true. I'll rewrite it eventually.)
Past Secrets deals with some mature subject matter. It is not intended for a young audience. This is not a happy story. There is violence and there is foul language. If you are offended by sexual situations, mentions of slavery, allusions to rape, adult languae, and/or adult themes, you shouldn't read this. If you have a problem with anthropomorphic characters, then you -really- shouldn't read this.

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