Aven Studios

These are my Terms of Use for my artwork:

You MAY:
• Save my art to your hard drive
• Repost my un-edited artwork to art sharing sites like e621 or fchan (credit requested)
• Share on Tumblr with a link to my site, though I ask that you first check my blogs (main, art) and REBLOG if I have posted there first
• Share with your friends
• Color lineart that is designated as colorable with credit and a link to me

You may NOT:
• Claim my artwork as your own
• Trace my artwork and then claim as your own
• Recolor my art unless the piece is specifically designated. Designated pieces require credit given.
• Sell my artwork, or traces/recolors of my artwork

My writing and character Terms of Use:
• Fan works are allowed. Link me so I can see!
• Copies of my work are not allowed.
• You may use my characters in your work if they remain in character. If you are not sure, send me a message before you post it.
• Adult themed works involving my characters are generally not allowed. I will make considerations on a case-by-case basis.

If you don't want to use any of the social media links, I am contactable through notes on my various art galleries, or via email.I do prefer email contact. My email is delphin.arts@gmail.com. Please use something along the lines of "ToU Question" and your specific concern so I do not miss the message.